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We need young ideas for old challenges.

Our ageing population can be a boom not a burden. What is the social and economic good of longer lives?  How do we support the growth and spread of innovation in ageing? How do we engage Baby Boomers, organisations and governments to reimagine ageing? 

In this day long workshop you’ll learn from TACSI and the Centre for Social Impact, from community members, small not-for profits right up to large corporates, philanthropists, researchers and government leaders and experience what it means to use design methods for social innovation.

Design 4 Social Innovation 2016

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Thursday 2 Jun, 2016
Registration, Arrival Tea & Coffee
Welcome to CountryBarnet Long Room

Millie Ingram

Opening RemarksBarnet Long Room

Carolyn Curtis, Andrew Young

Session One - Why ageing needs innovation and why innovation needs to grow-upBarnet Long Room

We’re all ageing, so what are we going to do about it? Our society is simply not designed for the increase in older people we’ll see over the next decades. Designing new products and services alone isn’t going to be enough to create the conditions that will enable us all to age in the way we’d like. So can design led processes play a role in shifting the systems that define ageing, can design intentionally shift cultural perceptions? And how do we get you, reader, to shift your mind about what’s possible as you age?

Ingrid Burkett, Ryan Hubbard

Morning Tea
Session Two - Stories of innovation in and for ageing

Deep exploration of four real life stories of innovation with innovators trying to shift organisations, systems, Australian culture and their own lives to enable better ageing. We’ll hear how people are trying to design ageing for people who aren’t old yet, how people are struggling to bring innovation to a traditional aged care sector.

Dr Matthew Haren, Cecilia Hill, Julie-Ann Hill

Session Three - Innovation skills: Bus stop session

Participate in 3x20mins sessions to build your innovation capability in using tools to transform services, systems and your own life. This isn’t about a salesman showing you the drill in the box, this is about a craftsperson passionately showing you how to drill a great hole.

Please click on the arrow to the right to view a summary of the bus stop presentations.

Barbara Binns, Melanie Butcher, Janine Cahill, Luke Greive, Cecilia Hill, Kerry Jones, Kerrie Noonan

Afternoon Tea
Session Four - Case studies: It's not just about great ideas, it's about implementation

The baby boomers are ageing, they are going to transform our organisations, systems and reinvent ageing as we know it. Or are they?
In this session we are going to focus on two aspects of making innovation work. First, what it takes inside an organisation (using RSL Care as an example) and then across the ageing system (using Innovation Age as an example).

Case study 1: Luke Greive, Beverly Smith and Aimee Defries
What does it take to succeed?

Case study 2: Kerry Jones and Ingrid Burkett
The Innovation Age…how might we connect up Innovations and Innovators?

Ingrid Burkett

Where to from here?

Ingrid Burkett

CloseBarnet Long Room
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